Your outdoor brand’s ecom website doesn’t need every bell & whistle out there & thousands of SKUs to perform well. In fact, we have a significant amount of data proving the exact opposite.
We get to work identifying where we can “shake off” all the extra stuff on your website to eliminate elements, features, and content that simply distract your visitors from buying from you.
digital marketing for outdoor brands
marketing strategies for outdoor brands

Conversion rate optimization

As the saying goes.. You don’t have a traffic problem. You have a conversion problem.
Our team leans on the millions of data points at our disposal across our client base to make sure your outdoor brand’s website is put together in a way that works seamlessly towards one goal…To drive sales!
Despite what anyone tells you, the goal of your outdoor brand’s ecommerce website should always be to turn visitors in buyers. Our marketing team makes sure that every element & piece of content on your website points them in the right direction, sending your conversion rate sky high!

Ongoing A/B Testing

The second you stop trying to get better, your competition catches up and pulls away. That’s why our content marketing team is constantly split testing (A/B testing) different elements of your website to find what is converting the best.
Whether that mean a new product description that is visual & addresses pain points, a different home page layout, an explainer video, or even different “Add To Cart” button colors, we’re always looking for new ways to help our clients in the outdoor industry get better!
digital marketing for outdoor brands

ecommerce Facebook ads management

Once we’ve got all those leaky holes plugged in your website, we get to work building out profitable PPC campaigns. Our digital marketing team has decades of combined experience to make sure your brand is expertly positioned to outperform everyone else in the outdoor industry.
Red Leaf Media’s digital marketing team optimizes your campaigns for every step of the funnel. That means we’re structuring your Facebook ad campaigns to drive awareness, build trust, and seal the deal with different ads – all delivered with perfect timing.

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